Winter Blues
January 7, 2019

Winter Blues?

We get it, the rush of the holidays is over, and now you are left wondering what to do to keep yourself busy… Get ahead of the crowd and start your renovation now.

If you work on your home now, you can enjoy it in the summer. A fireplace renovation takes only a couple weeks, while a kitchen renovation can take a month or two depending on your renovation.

Sometimes just starting the renovation is difficult, so we recommend you start a small project and see where it takes you. Refresh a room with a new coat of paint, or update that powder room that always gets forgotten until guests come over.

During the winter months is a good time to get a deal on a job since trades are normally slower during the colder months.

Did you know that during the spring is the busiest time of year for renovations? That means long wait times for bookings, installations, products and more! Start now, if not with your fireplace, kitchen or bathroom, start working on areas in the home that you can do without a contractor or Hearthland (we do it all at Hearthland).

We all have at least one room in the house that could use a pick-me-upper!



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